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Making satellite communications more accessible, understandable and viable for more applications and more organizations.

At JSAT International, we want to help you discover the practicality of using satellites to communicate more effectively and efficiently. With the resources of our parent, SKY Perfect JSAT, together with our own resourcefulness, we can help develop customized satellite-based networks for applications like digital signage, distance learning, corporate communications, and IPTV.

Who is JSAT International?
We are a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, the largest satellite operator in the Asia-Pacific region and 5th largest in the world. Learn more about SKY Perfect JSAT.
JSAT International markets capacity on its joint venture satellites Horizons-1 &-2, as well as JSAT satellites covering the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions.

JSAT International satellite coverage:

Horizons-1, located at 127 West provides Ku-band coverage of North America.

Horizons-2 is located at 85 East.

What's the one thing to remember about JSAT International? Our extraordinary level of customer service makes it easy for you to communicate and transmit content across North America.