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Establishment of SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation was established today through a merger of operating companies.    [More]

SCC Announces Successful Launch of Superbird-7
Space Communications Corporation announced today it has successfully launched its communication satellite, "Superbird-7 (C2)."    [More]

SCC Announces Launch Schedule for Superbird-7
Space Communications Corporation announced the launch schedule for Superbird-7    [More]

Maritime Broadband Trial on Commercial Vessel
Trial on the New LNG carrier, Energy Navigator    [More]

JSAT Announces Organizational Reforms and Personnel Appointments
JSAT Corporation today announced organizational reforms and personnel appointments    [More]

JSAT International Moves Headquarters to Washington, D.C.
JSAT International has completed the relocation of its headquarters to Washington, D.C.    [More]

Successful Launch of Horizons-2 Communications Satellite
JSAT Corporation is pleased to announce that today it has successfully launched the Horizons-2 communication satellite.    [More]

Launch Schedule for Horizons-2 Communications Satellite (updated)
Launch rescheduled for Friday, December 21, at 4:14 p.m. (EST)    [More]

Launch Schedule for Horizons-2 Communications Satellite
Planned for December 20 15:14 EST from French Guiana    [More]

JSAT Announces Personnel Changes
JSAT Corporation announced the following personnel changes.    [More]

Commencement of "Sky-Access Video" Satellite-based Video Transmission Service
Providing video transmission at a guaranteed bandwidth throughout Japan    [More]

Order of the Replacement Satellite of JCSAT-11 Backup Satellite Following Launch Failure
JSAT Corporation has announced the order of a replacement satellite for JCSAT-11.    [More]

Launch of Horizons-2 Satellite Announced
JSAT Corporation announced the planned launch of the Horizons-2 satellite.    [More]

Failed Launch of JCSAT-11 Communications Satellite
JSAT Corporation announces that the attempted launch of JCSAT-11 has failed.    [More]

Headquarters Move to Washington, D.C. Office Now Complete
JSAT International has completed the relocation of its headquarters to Washington D.C.    [More]

JSAT International moves headquarters to Washington D.C.
To serve its customers more effectively, JSAT International plans to relocate its headquarters to Washington D.C. in advance of the launch of their new satellite, Horizons-2.    [More]

JSAT International launches new, resource rich website
JSAT International announces the launch of a new website as a resource both for those seeking technical information and those weighing business reasons for using satellite communications.    [More]

JSAT Reaches Agreement to Own Transponders on Intelsat 15 Satellite
In a continuation of cooperation among two of the world�s prominent satellite operators, JSAT Corporation announced an agreement with Intelsat to purchase a dedicated payload of five transponders on a new Intelsat satellite scheduled to enter service in 2009.    [More]

JSAT Wins Leadership Award at ISCe2006
JSAT Corporation announces its receipt of a Leadership Award at the International Satellite Communications Conference & Expo ("ISCe 2006").    [More]

JSAT to Establish JSAT MOBILE with Stratos
Full-scale Move Into Mobile Satellite Communications (Inmarsat) Market    [More]

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