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JSAT International launches new, resource rich website
Los Angeles, CA (April 2, 2007) � JSAT International announces the launch of a new website as a resource both for those seeking technical information and those weighing business reasons for using satellite communications.

�This comprehensive website reflects our mission to go the extra mile to serve our customers and members of the technical community,� says Hitoshi Shigeno, president of JSAT International. �The site�s architecture takes into account the different needs of our users, so a teleport engineer is only a couple clicks away from any information he might need. At the same time, a customer wanting to understand how satellite communications might benefit his organization will quickly find the information he needs.�

The site is divided into three main sections. The first focuses on tech information like footprint maps and more; the second gives a comprehensive overview of applications for the benefit of those new to satellite communications; the third is also directed to the potential customer, providing a complete background on satellite communication.

�We set out to create a complete, easy-to-use resource for the industry and potential customers,� Shigeno notes, �while keeping the tone approachable for all.� JSAT International�s new site is located at: www.jsati.com.

About JSAT International

JSAT International, a division of JSAT Corporation and a partner with Intelsat on the Horizons-1 and coming Horizons-2 satellites, markets satellite capacity in North America and assists customers in designing reliable networks for content distribution in digital signage networks and other corporate applications.
Contact: Jeff Roberts at (801) 443-4724 or jeff[at]jsati.com

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