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Launch of Horizons-2 Satellite Announced
(April 2, 2007)  - JSAT Corporation (President and CEO: Kiyoshi Isozaki; Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; �JSAT�) today announced the planned launch of the Horizons-2 satellite. The satellite was jointly purchased through Horizons-2 Satellite LLC, a joint venture between JSAT and Intelsat (Headquarters: Bermuda). Details are as follows:

Horizons-2 is the second satellite to be owned jointly with Intelsat, following Horizons-1, which was launched into its 127� West longitude orbital slot in October 2003. Plans call for Horizons-2 to be launched in the second half of 2007 into an orbital slot at 74� West longitude. Horizons-2 is the successor spacecraft to the Intelsat-owned SBS-6 satellite, currently in orbit at 74� West longitude, and provides the high power necessary to respond to growing demand in the U.S. for High-Definition broadcasting and data transmission.

In a separate move, JSAT has also agreed with Intelsat on ownership of certain transponders on the new Intelsat 15 (IS-15) satellite, due to come into operation in 2009. These initiatives will serve to promote joint operations covering a wide area from North America to Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

Orbital Slot 74� West longitude
Satellite Specifications Number of Transponders(Ku-band): 20
 - 16 x 36MHz
 -  4 x 72MHz
Design life: 15 years
Coverage: CONUS, Caribbean coastal area
Satellite Manufacturer and
Launch Vehicle
Satellite type: STAR-2 (Orbital Sciences Corporation, U.S)
Launch vehicle: Ariane 5 (Arianespace, France)

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