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JSAT Reaches Agreement to Own Transponders on Intelsat 15 Satellite
April 2, 2007
JSAT Corporation
In a continuation of cooperation among two of the world�s prominent satellite operators, JSAT Corporation (President and CEO: Kiyoshi Isozaki; Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; �JSAT�) today announced an agreement with Intelsat (Headquarters: Bermuda), the world's largest provider of fixed satellite communications services, to purchase a dedicated payload of five transponders on a new Intelsat satellite scheduled to enter service in 2009.

A successor spacecraft to Intelsat 709, Intelsat 15 will operate in an orbital position of 85� East Longitude. Following its launch in early 2009, Intelsat 15 (IS-15) primarily will provide services to the Asia-Pacific, Indian Ocean and Middle East regions. The satellite will be equipped with 22 Ku-band transponders, five of which JSAT will own and operate.

JSAT�s transponders will be used for direct broadband communications between Japan and the coastal nations throughout Asia-Pacific and the Indian Ocean regions. The Ku-band services on IS-15 will offer JSAT�s customers two-way communications with data transfer speeds of 6Mbps, providing land and sea communications, including allowing ships to send navigation and other operating information to their land-based headquarters.

Today�s announcement marks an expansion of JSAT�s long-standing relationship with Intelsat. JSAT and Intelsat have cooperated on the Horizons 1 satellite, currently operating at 127 degrees West Longitude, and the Horizons 2 satellite, which is expected to be launched later this year into the 74 degrees West Longitude orbital position. JSAT is the first Asian satellite communications operator to provide services over North America.

The following are details on the transponders that will be owned by JSAT on IS-15:

Transponders Owned by JSAT on IS-15
Orbital slot 85� East Longitude
Transponder Outline Number of transponders: 5 x Ku-band (of 22 transponders)
Frequency Bandwidth: 4 x 36MHz, 1 x 72MHz
Design life: 15 years (tentative)
Coverage: Asia, Indian Ocean, Middle East (to near the Red Sea)

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