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Commencement of "Sky-Access Video" Satellite-based Video Transmission Service
(November 29, 2007) - JSAT Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Kiyoshi Isozaki; �JSAT�) today announced the commencement of �Sky-Access Video,� a new satellite-based video transmission service, starting December 1, 2007.  
Compared to video transmission through most �best effort� Internet connections available today, the �Sky-Access Video� service is not reliant upon the number of transmission locations in the network. Instead, the service fully utilizes the advantages of satellite links to transmit video at guaranteed bandwidths to all locations. This feature enables JSAT to leverage the multicasting and real-time broadcasting capabilities of satellites to provide all locations in its service network in Japan, from those of corporate clients to various other
organizations, with stable video transmission with no disparity in information quality.
This service will also utilize JSAT�s YSCC Teleport (located in Midori-ku, Yokohama) to provide consistent service through a 24-hour, 365-day monitoring and operating schedule. Moreover, signals sent via satellite links are scrambled (encrypted), ensuring that critical information is protected with top-notch security when transmitted. 
In combination with �Sky-Access IPcast,� a satellite-based multicast transmission service launched in March 2007, JSAT has put in place a satellite-based video and IP signal transmission platform to meet the requests and needs of its customers.

Features of �Sky-Access Video�

  • Effortless realization of real-time transmission of MPEG2-standard television signals 
  • Choice of two service types: economy (equivalent to 2.5~3Mbps image quality) or normal (equivalent to 3.5~4Mbps image quality)
  • Possession of advantages unique to satellites: �multicasting to multiple locations,� �broad nationwide coverage, including remote mountainous regions and islands,� and �enhanced video transmission at guaranteed bandwidths�
  • Adoption of DVB-CAS (global standard) conditional access system format

 Usage Scenarios

  • Transmission of messages from senior management on a regular basis via internal broadcasts at companies
  • Implementation of training seminars for branch office and retail staff nationwide
  • Broadcasting of live TV images of various events to multiple locations when used in combination with satellite news vehicles
  • Transmission of advertising video to storefronts and inside shops 

Sample Usage Fees

Assuming 100 receiving locations, normal service type (MPEG2 image quality equivalent to 3.5Mbps~4Mbps), and service usage of 12 hours per month.

Monthly Service Cost

Unit PriceQuantity
Basic System Fee
�100,0001 contract
Basic Reception Mgmt Fee
�500100 receiving locations
Satellite Space Segment Fee

12 hours


*Monthly cost per reception base = �23,900

  • Does not include initial sign-up costs (contract fees, card issuance fees, card security deposit, etc.)
  • Equipment costs (for satellite antenna rentals, tuners, antenna installation, etc.) are estimated separately
Use of this service also requires the following:
  • A dedicated line connecting the transmission base to YSCC Teleport.
  • Satellite antennas and tuners at each reception base.

�Sky-Access � Service Website

For more information about the �Sky-Access� services, please refer to the website below 
(available in Japanese only)

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