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JSAT Announces Organizational Reforms and Personnel Appointments
(March 31, 2008) JSAT Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku� Tokyo; President and CEO: Kiyoshi Isozaki,�JSAT�) today announced that it will implement the following organizational reforms and personnel appointments.
1. Organizational Reforms on April 1� 2008
♦The Business Development Division will be dissolved.
♦The Information System Division will be newly established at the Corporate Coordination Group.
2. Personnel Appointments on March 31� 2008
Name New Status Previous Status
Yutaka Nagai Director� JSAT &
President & Chief Executive Officer� Space Communications Corporation (�SCC�)
Board Director &Senior Managing Executive Officer
Yoichi Iizuka Board Director� JSAT & Senior Managing Executive Officer &
Board Director� SCC
Board Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer
Hideaki Kido Managing Executive Officer� JSAT & Board Director� SCC Managing Executive Officer
Osamu Kato Managing Executive Officer� JSAT &
General Manager of SKY Perfect JSAT & Board Director� SCC
Managing Executive Officer
Koki Koyama Executive Officer� JSAT &
General Manager� SKY Perfect JSAT &Board Director� SCC
Executive Officer &
General Manager of SKY Perfect JSAT
Masataka Hattori Corporate Auditor� JSAT &
Corporate Auditor� SCC
Corporate Auditor
Shoichi Kameyama Corporate Auditor &
Corporate Auditor� SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation &
Corporate Auditor� SCC
Corporate Auditor &
Corporate Auditor of SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation

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