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Establishment of SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
(October 1, 2008) SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and Chief Executive Officer: Masanori Akiyama; hereinafter �SKY Perfect JSAT�) was established today through a merger of operating companies with SKY Perfect Communications Inc. the surviving company. SKY Perfect Communications was a wholly owned subsidiary of SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and Chief Executive Officer: Masanori Akiyama). Details are as follows.
1. Purpose of Establishing SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation 
In April 2007, the former SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (renamed SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc. in June 2008; hereinafter �the holding company�) was established through the integration of JSAT Corporation (hereinafter �JSAT�) and SKY Perfect Communications Inc. (hereinafter �SKY Perfect�). This move vertically integrated the former, a satellite communications operator, with a multi-channel pay TV broadcasting platform enterprise under a holding company structure. SKY Perfect JSAT Group has thus put in place a structure combining communications and broadcasting. Under this structure, JSAT�s role has been to reliably provide satellite communications infrastructure while generating steady earnings and cash flows. SKY Perfect has been responsible for further developing the multi-channel pay TV broadcasting business.

On March 31, 2008, the holding company converted Space Communications Corporation (hereinafter �SCC�), another satellite communications operator like JSAT, into a subsidiary. Through horizontal integration, SKY Perfect JSAT Group has been able to maximize business scale and to capture integration synergies in the satellite business. In the multi-channel pay TV business, the Group has also started to capture vertical integration synergies. One example was the successful development of SKY PerfecTV! HD, a high definition (HD) multi-channel pay TV broadcasting service, by reducing the initial cost outlays required by various broadcasters through the aforementioned vertical integration.

On June 24, 2008, SKY Perfect JSAT Group unveiled a new Mid-term Management Plan (FY2008 � FY2012) called Quality for Value. This was in order to respond to swift changes in the media industry following the establishment of the holding company and reinforce future competitiveness. The plan is guided by the following Group corporate philosophy: �As a corporate group that provides broadcasting and communications service of a highly public nature, SKY Perfect JSAT Group will always work with a pioneering spirit to improve its services and contribute to the creation of rich social and individual lives, while strongly recognizing its social responsibilities and observing laws and business ethics.� The plan clarifies the Group�s goal of further expanding the multi-channel pay TV broadcasting business using steady cash flows generated by the satellite business, which now brings all of Japan�s satellite operators under the same roof. However, one key priority for achieving the plan�s goals was to establish an efficient organization and cost structure for the Group�s core operating companies.

In light of the above, the Group merged its three operating companies to form SKY Perfect JSAT, with the aim of optimally allocating human resources and raising management efficiency.
The Group sees the formation of SKY Perfect JSAT as an important step toward marshalling its collective capabilities to drive new growth as a powerful constellation of companies. The Group�s overriding goals are to achieve the aims of the Mid-term Management Plan and realize its corporate philosophy. 

2. Overview of SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
Corporate Name
SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
Business Description
Platform busines for CS digital broadcasting and satellite
communications business
Head Office
1-14-14 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Masanori Akiyama, President and Chief Executive Officer
�50,083 million
SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc. 100%
End of fiscal year
March 31

3.  SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation Management Structure and Organization
 Roles and Responsibilities

President and Chief Executive Officer
 Masanori Akiyama                        
Director of the Board,
Executive Vice
 Masao Nito  Head of SKY PerfecTV! Group
Director of the Board,
Executive Vice
 Yutaka Nagai
 Head of Corporate Planning & Strategy Group, and Engineering & Operations Group

Director of the Board,
Executive Vice President
 Yoichi Iizuka
 Head of Corporate Coordination Group
Executive Vice President  Osamu Inoue
 Head of Satellite Business Group

Senior Managing Executive Officer
 Hajime Tanabe
 Deputy Head of SKY PerfecTV! Group

Senior Managing Executive Officer Akira Tanaka
 General Manager, Content Business Division,
 SKY PerfecTV! Group

Senior Managing Executive Officer Hideaki Kido
 General Manager, Corporate Planning &
 Strategy Division, Corporate Planning &
 Strategy Group

Managing Executive Officer Ryoji Hirabayashi
 General Manager of Finance, Credit & General
 Affairs Division, Corporate Coordination

Managing Executive Officer Hiroo Sumitomo
 Deputy Head of Satellite Business Group

Managing Executive Officer Toshikuni Shimizu
 General Manager of Accounting, Legal &
 Information Systems Division, Corporate
 Coordination Group

Managing Executive Officer Masafumi Kawanishi 
 General Manager of Broadcasting Business
 Division, SKY PerfecTV! Group

Managing Executive Officer Keiichiro Demizu
 General Manager of Marketing Division,
 SKY PerfecTV! Group

Managing Executive Officer Osamu Kato
 General Manager of Human Resource &
 Purchase Administration Division, Corporate
 Planning & Strategy Group

Managing Executive Officer Yasuo Okuyama
 General Manager of Sales Division II,
 Satellite Business Group

Executive Officer
 Yuichiro Nishio
 General Manager of Communications
 Engineering Division, Engineering &
 Operations Group

Executive Officer Shuhei Yamaura
 General Manager of Customer Service &
 Communications Division, SKY PerfecTV!

Executive Officer Koki Koyama
 General Manager of Sales Division I,
 Satellite Business Group

Corporate Auditor
 Ryosuke Tsuruma
Corporate Auditor
 Masataka Hattori
Corporate Auditor
 Masatoshi Fujisawa

There have been no changes to the management composition announced on August 6, 2008.

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