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Start of Operation of Superbird-C2 Communications Satellite
(October 17, 2008)  SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President ahd Chief Executive Officer: Masanori Akiyama) has started operating the Superbird-C2 communications satellite.

Superbird-C2 was launched as Superbird-7 atop an Airanespace Ariane 5 rocket from The Guiana Space Center in French Guiana at 5:44 a.m. (JST) on Friday, August 15, 2008.  SKY Perfect JSAT today began operating the spacecraft as Superbird-C2, after verifying normal functioning of all satellite systems following post-launch performance confirmation testing in geostationary orbit.  Plans call for successively transferring Superbird-C customers to Superbird-C2 from late October 2008.

Going forward, SKY Perfect JSAT will strive to maintain Superbird-C2's high reliability in order to ensure the provision of stable satellite links to customers.

 1. Launch date
 August 15, 2008 (Fri.) 5:44 a.m. (JSAT)
 2. Launch site
 The Guiana Space Center, French Guiana
 3. Launch vehicle
 Ariane 5 rocket (Arianespace)
 4. Satellite bus
 DS2000 (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
 5. Satellite specifications
 (1) Frequency band: Ku-band
 (2) Transponders (Bandwidth x Number of Transponders):
        27 MHz x 20 ch., 36 MHz x 8 ch.
 (3) Coverage: Japan/NE Asia/SE Asia/Pacific Ocean
 (4) Design lifetime: 15 years
 6. Orbital position
 144 degrees east longitude

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