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Launch of Japan's First Cloud Storage Service
(May 12, 2009) SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Masanori Akiyama; "SKY Perfect JSAT") today announced that on June 1, 2009, it will begin offering its S*Plex 3 Cloud Storage Service.  Derived from cloud computing technology, this Internet-based service will enable the safe storage of large volumes of data handled by companies.

The shift in communications from the more conventional "send and receive" paradigm, the the "send, store, and receive" configuration of the Internet era, makes cloud storage infrastructure essential for safely storing large volumes of data.  SKY Perfect JSAT has commercialized Japan's first cloud storage service, applying technologies honed in its satellite broadcasting and communications businesses.

The S*Plex3 Cloud Storage Service provides a massive storage infrastructure by applying a fundamental technology in digital satellite broadcasting and communications - erasure code (a mechanism enabling the quick recovery of data packets lost during rainy weather) - in combination with a patent pending mechanism which enables scattering a large number of storage devices over a wide geographic area without eliminating centralized management.  With prior data storage mechanisms, a key issue was the expensive redundant configuration and full-blown operation management frameworks required to guard against equipment malfunctions and to maintain security.  However, with this new service, data are not only encrypted and fragmented, but are stored in a geographically dispersed manner.  This configuration allows service use to continue uninterrupted even if access by some data centers is impossible due to equipment malfunctions or disasters.  It also makes it possible to offer more cost-side flexibility by adjusting cost to usage scale.

To offer this service, SKY Perfect JSAT has built a cloud storage service infrastructure highly resistant to damage from natural disasters through eight data centers linked by a fiber optic network, and spread out across seven regions of Japan, ranging from Hokkaido to Okinawa.  SKY Perfect JSAT can deliver a secure service infrastructure, having assumed responsibility for center operations based on the security policies of ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, Hokkaido Telecommunication Network Co., Inc., Internet Initiative Japan Inc., VIC TOKAI CORPORATION, and INTEC inc.

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