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SKY Perfect JSAT Launches Marine Broadband Service for Private Commercial Vessels
(June 3, 2009) SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Masanori Akiyama; "SKY Perfect JSAT") today announced that it has concluded a contract with KVH Industries, Inc. (Head Office: U.S.A.; Chairman, President and CEO: Martin A Kits van Heyningen; "KVH") concerning roaming marine broadband service, for the purpose of providing broadband links to private commercial vessels in the Indian Ocean, and Asian and Oceania waters.  Under this contract, the company will launch marine broadband service for private commercial vessels ("this service"), enabling ship-to-ship communications on a global scale.

SKY Perfect JSAT will use its existing communications satellite JCSAT-1B and the Intelsat 15 to be launched in the latter half of 2009, to provide high-speed broadband links to ships in the Indian Ocean and Asian and Oceania waters, where broadband connections have been lacking.  The Company has achieved a transmission speed of approximately 1 Mbps (best effort), improving previous transmission speeds in the same areas by a factor of 10-20.  Linking up with KVH, which already provides satellite communications services for ships in areas such as the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Caribbean Sea, SKY Perfect JSAT will offer roaming connections, making possible high-speed transmissions between ships in the major marine areas.  In the past, ship communications have been generally offered at a metered per-minute rate.  The new service is expected to help reduce ship communications costs through a set-rate plan.  The Company is currently making preparations, aiming to launch the service by the end of 2009.

The Indian Ocean, and Asian and Oceania waters account for approximately 20% of the world's shipping.  The new service will enable the crews and passengers of ships in these regions to make us of Internet services in a user-friendly communications environment on a par with what is available on land.  It will also enable a wide variety of data to be exchanged between ships and their offices on land.  In addition, the service will contribute to the welfare of crew members, and help eliminate the digital divide on the oceans.

In the future, for example, by transmitting large volumes of data about local shipping conditions, such as weather and waves, and combining it with various marine transport information, navigational support systems could be developed that assist ships in selecting the most energy-efficient route.  This could contribute to reductions in CO2 emissions from international marine transport, a goal being promoted by countries around the world.

Through satellite communications services, SKY Perfect JSAT will develop new business opportunities by supporting the security, safety, and convenience of international marine shipping as the industry continues to grow.  Look to SKY Perfect JSAT to take on new challenges going forward.

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