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Cost savings and security make this a hit.

Digital cinema systems are gaining acceptance among theater operators and their audiences. With standards developed by Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), a joint venture created by the major film studios, digital cinema systems are finally beginning to rollout on a larger scale. As the number of deployed digital screens rises, distribution via satellite will eventually become cost competitive with the shipping of hard drives and provide theater owners with the capability of exhibiting live events.

Currently, studios spend nearly $1 Billion annually to duplicate and distribute large, heavy film reels. Satellite distribution reduces this cost significantly.

Additionally, studios currently suffer losses in revenue due to piracy. Digital cinema combats this by encrypting the files for secure distribution.

How can the quality of film be preserved?

Using the JPEG2000 compression codec, high resolution (2K and 4K) digital files are created from film. Typical file sizes range from 150-300 GB.

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