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Satellite Applications and Uses

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An attractive offering for telephone companies and their customers.

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is gaining popularity among businesses and consumers by providing the potential for new viewing experiences, interactivity, and access to a virtually unlimited amount of content.

Like cable or satellite television, IPTV delivers multiple channels of broadcast television to your home or place of business. All the usual features are available - HDTV, programming guides, DVR, etc. But because it utilizes the IP protocol, it creates the opportunity for programming to become interactive and for the user to tap the growing video resources available on the Web.

IPTV is being bundled with other desired services from telephone companies. The bundle allows the customer to receive:
  • Television
  • Voice
  • Data/Internet
As part of a bundle, IPTV helps telephone companies generate additional revenues and avoid customer churn.

How satellite operators reduce costs and complexity of IPTV.

Satellite operators, like SKY Perfect JSAT's partner Intelsat, acquire and aggregate the content, encode it in MPEG-4/H.264 to reduce the bandwidth required to distribute it by the telcos, then broadcast it to telco headends.

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