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A lesson in education and economics for businesses and government.

In the past, companies like automobile manufacturers and insurers have relied on costly regional training centers to educate a diverse workforce. Because of the high costs of traditional learning, more and more organizations have turned to satellite-delivered training.

Traditional Training vs. Satellite-Delivered Training
Item Traditional Satellite-Delivered
Upkeep of regional training centers        X
Staff salaries at regional training centers        X
Travel and lodging expense to regional
training centers
Productivity lost to travel        X
Network costs                X

Satellite-delivered training can reduce or eliminate all of those expenses, making it a cost-effective tool for distance learning across a widely-dispersed organization. As a communications medium, it also allows a corporate or government headquarters to communicate via the means of live or pre-recorded video.

Once established, a satellite-based training network may be leveraged for other corporate communication requirements.

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