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Satellite Applications and Uses

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An comprehensive alternative to terrestrial connections.

By partnering with service and hardware providers, JSAT International can provide private data networks. For businesses and government agencies private networks support a comprehensive array of communications services:
  • Corporate wide-area networking.
  • In-store digital signage.
  • Inter-office and remote site networking for branches and teleworkers.
  • POS transactions.
  • Back-office store services.
  • Distance learning applications.
  • Video conferencing.
Advantages of a JSAT International private satellite data network:
  • Simplified network management: A corporate satellite data network provides a consistent architecture at each location with a single source of connectivity rather than multiple phone companies and ISPs.
  • Connect sites that don't have access to terrestrial forms of connectivity:
    •  Construction sites.
    •  Drilling platforms.
    • Temporary facilities in remote places.
    • Modest hardware requirements: small antennas around 36 inches in diameter.
    • Cost effective compared to many wide-area network solutions.
    • Rapid deployment.
JSAT International can coordinate every step of your corporate network effort. Count on our expertise for fast, effective, headache-free deployment. Contact us

JSAT International makes the capabilities of satellite communication even greater through resourcefulness and attention to your needs.