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Satellite Applications and Uses

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Providing communications when they're needed most.

When catastrophe strikes, communication is needed more than ever. Unfortunately, natural disasters often damage terrestrial communication options, cutting off emergency communications.

The experience of Hurricane Katrina demonstrated satellite's ability to respond to major disasters and provide critical communication links when all other telecommunication services fail.

Satellites provide flexibility and a breadth of communication services.

Satellites can provide internet access, VoIP, and other network services when other wired and wireless services are impaired by natural disaster.

In a disaster every moment counts.

Satellite networks can be quickly deployed, often responding in 24 hours or less, using fixed, trailer mounted and vehicular terminal systems.

JSAT International can coordinate every step of establishing your satellite communications network. Count on our expertise for fast, effective, headache-free deployment. Contact us

JSAT International makes the capabilities of satellite communication even greater through resourcefulness and attention to your needs.