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Unprecedented control and flexibility in communications.

An exciting new medium, digital signage is being used by retailers and financial institutions to build communication with their customers. What makes it exciting is the variety of business goals it helps achieve:
  • Enhance brands.
  • Improve customers' experience.
  • Create sales lift.
  • Reduce perceived wait times.
Digital signage is interesting decision makers with added, internal benefits, like:
  • Improving marketing compliance by ensuring that customers receive consistent, approved messaging.
  • Reducing costs by eliminating the creation and delivery of printed merchandising materials.
  • Enabling quick response to changing market conditions and strategy by allowing rapid changes to messaging.
Through features like localized and day-parted content or interactive wireless text messaging (SMS) services, digital signage lets the organization deliver messages designed to have the greatest impact at specific times. The same network used for digital signage may also allow top executives to communicate directly with the front lines for:
  • Employee training.
  • Corporate communications.
What's more, digital signage provides an opportunity for revenue generation by displaying third party advertising.

What's needed to start a digital signage network? Common on-site components include:
  • Flat panel display(s).
  • Media player or server.
  • Audio speakers.
  • Broadband network connection.
JSAT International, partnering with premiere hardware manufacturers, network service providers, and content developers can provide any level of service needed, including complete turnkey solutions and services.

JSAT International can coordinate every step of your digital signage effort. Count on our expertise for fast, effective, headache-free deployment. Contact us

JSAT International makes the capabilities of satellite communication even greater through resourcefulness and attention to your needs.