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Satellite Services

In North America, satellite service is going above and beyond.
Horizons-1 blankets North America with satellite coverage from an orbit at 127 West longitude. Its 24 Ku-band transponders provide connectivity to all 50 of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Mexico and the Caribbean. With the C-band transponders of JCSAT-2A at 154 East longitude, it creates a seamless network to Asia and Oceania from anywhere in the U.S.

A Brief History
On September 30, 2003 at 9:03 pm PDT , Horizons-1 lifted off from the Odyssey Launch Platform and the Pacific Ocean, propelled by a Zenit-3SL rocket. The launch was a tremendous success, placing Horizons-1 into its Geo-synchronous orbit with incredible accuracy. Horizons-1 is owned and operated by Horizons, a SkyPerfect JSAT and Intelsat joint venture. SkyPerfect JSAT markets the Ku-capacity through its US subsidiary, JSAT International.
Horizons-1 covers North America, Central America and Hawaii with:
  • Digital video
  • Internet
  • Data services
  • Expanded Ku-band services in North America

Satellite services doesn't mean that services are an afterthought with us. When it comes to delivering your content, we consider your needs before any protocols.