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Why Satellites?

From convenience to practicality, the reasons are down to earth.
Satellites overcome content transmission challenges that terrestrial options can't, whether it's time, distance or complexity of content. Find out more about all the advantages JSAT International offers:

  • Location flexibility
  • Wide coverage area
  • Wide bandwidth availability
  • Not tied to terrestrial infrastructure
  • Rapid installation
  • Uniform service characteristics

Don't let the earth get in your way.

Need to communicate with a ship more than 100 miles away? Could be difficult with even the most advanced terrestrial wireless options since the curvature of the earth blocks the direct radio path (illustrated by the broken arrow). Natural and man-made obstacles produce even greater blockage.

You could establish service with a shore station at the left - close to the vessel, and a good terrestrial fiber link between that station and the big antenna.

Or, you could choose a geostationary satellite. It provides a single-hop solution between originating location and the vessel.


Through our fleet of satellites and exceptional level of customer care, JSAT International makes it easy to communicate and transmit content across North America.