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What are VSATs?

VSATs, or Very Small Aperture Terminals, are small earth stations used for two-way communication via satellite. They're designed for remote locations lacking trained technical staff. VSATs are operated from a hub station where access is controlled and information is managed to optimize the overall performance and loading of the network.

Typical VSAT consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit.

Outdoor unit.

Enclosed within the outdoor unit are:
  • LNB and SSPA. The SSPA also includes a up-converter, so it is often called a block up-converter (BUC)
  • Located at the antenna to minimize microwave losses that reduce performance
  • No maintenance required because electronics are protected by an enclosure
Indoor unit.

Resembles a cable or DSL modem, or may be contained in one or more cabinets the size of a PC.

HughesNet DirecWay VSAT for an enterprise network


Gilat Starband VSAT for home Internet access

iDirect Technologies VSAT and supported LAN

The indoor unit of the VSAT becomes a router in a local area network (LAN), providing Internet Protocol services and applications to locally-connected computers.

Through our fleet of satellites and exceptional level of customer care, JSAT International makes it easy to communicate and transmit content across North America.