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The Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) was an international standards body, largely industry-based in the US, Europe and Japan, that addressed the digital processing and transfer of television programs.


The first application of an MPEG standard was for CD-ROM, which of necessity was at the low end of the quality scale. MPEG-1 did not take hold due to this limitation.

MPEG 2 became the dominant standard for TV encoding and transmission, thanks to its early adoption by direct broadcast systems like DIRECTV, Echostar and SKY (UK).


Because the more-recent MPEG-4 standard can cut data rates in half for the same quality, it may ultimately replace MPEG-2. There are other benefits to MPEG-2 in the area of multimedia and complex image types.


The MPEG standard uses a fixed packet length of 288 Bytes and can accommodate different types of data: encoded and compressed video and audio, control information, and Internet Protocol data 

Illustration of the range of application of the MPEG series of standards, providing an indication of the role of MPEG in providing various levels of data transfer rate (and hence bandwidth) as well as the inherent picture quality or application area that goes with it.

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