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Ku, Ka, C. - three standouts among satellite frequency bands. Get your network "swinging" with the right one.

Ku band

Ku band provides the best overall combination of available bandwidth, high-power transponders, and lack of terrestrial interference to support broadband applications into small antennas.

The VSAT illustrated below provides high data rate transmissions between a remote site and a hub, using Ku band satellites like Horizons-1 and Horizons-2.
  • Throughput of 10 Mbps received by the VSAT and up to 2 Mbps transmit.
  • Service availability with this equipment and satellites would be 99.9%
While susceptible to rain fade (interference from rain), reliability can remain strong with proper engineering.

C band

3.7 meter C-band antenna for receiving broadband television signals. Courtesy Andrew.
C band services are among the most reliable because the frequency is less susceptible to rain attenuation. C-band, however, is susceptible to terrestrial interference which can often be mitigated with proper engineering and planning. Applications:
  • Broadband services-digital video that is broadcast to cable TV systems, over-the-air broadcast stations, and recently telephone companies wishing to enter the entertainment video field.
  • Cellular backhaul in developing regions, particularly those with heavy rainfall. Earth stations for this purpose usually have redundant electronics to meet an availability of 99.95% overall.
Ka band and Other

Ka band is useful for medium data rate service to small terminals; however, availability is generally lower than at Ku band due to greater effects from rain.

There are a few Ka band satellites in operation for North America - Spaceway and Telesat F2. Service is limited and capacity is not made available to the general user community.

Through our fleet of satellites and exceptional level of customer care, JSAT International makes it easy to communicate and transmit content across North America.