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How a Network Works

Information about transponders, bands, frequencies and more.

A satellite network is similar to a local area network or industrial television system. It's constructed from available components and requires services that are put together by a service provider or by the user.

Connecting earth and space.

There are three main parts to a satellite network.

1. Ground-based electronic equipment, including:
  • Antennas.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) equipment.
  • Baseband equipment.
  • Application devices, including telephones, PCs, projectors, etc.
2. The space segment, or transponder capacity and support services, provided by a satellite operator.

3. Support services, including:
  • Land lines (tail circuits) to connect from a teleport to a public network such as the telephone network or the Internet, or to a customer headquarters.
  • Maintenance services to maintain a reliable ground segment.
  • Rent, utilities, security, etc.
Transponders, frequencies, bands-we'll help you become satellite literate.  

Through our fleet of satellites and exceptional level of customer care, JSAT International makes it easy to communicate and transmit content across North America.