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Economics Indicate Efficiency

The cost of satellite communications shouldn't be astronomical.

Does using a satellite network make economic sense for your organization? The answer may depend on the number of locations in your network and the amount of content that needs to be delivered. This simple model may surprise you. It shows the cost of doing business in one scenario could be about $121 per site per month.

  • Need to reach 360 locations from a central hub site at corporate headquarters
  • Two years to complete the network (a faster rollout is possible) with the first sites on-line in one month.
  • CDN with return channel for requests and verification of delivery, $1,000 per installed VSAT, service charge at $50 per month per site.
Main elements of the network:
  • Sites added - the monthly quantity starts at 10 and increases to 20
  • Satellite bandwidth - provides Ku-band on-orbit power and bandwidth to deliver content and allow return transmissions where needed.
  • Hub - located at the central headquarters; alternatively, can be provided as a service using a land-line connection between the headquarters and the service-provider's hub.
  • Terminals - also called VSATs, are small earth stations which can transmit as well as receive, similar in size to home dishes.
  • Support - provided by the supplier of the equipment or satellite bandwidth, to address problems and assure the network is maintained for peak performance.
Notice that there are no requirements for land-line telephone or DSL services; the entire network is independent of ground support, except what is needed to keep the hub and remote terminals "on the air."
Simplified spreadsheet model of a satellite network to serve a
total of 360 locations.


Through our fleet of satellites and exceptional level of customer care, JSAT International makes it easy to communicate and transmit content across North America.