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Distributing Content to Multiple Locations
Two kinds of networks for content distribution of every kind - Broadcast and CDN.
Broadcast Network
If you need to distribute the same content to multiple locations, you want a “broadcast” network.

This  “one-to-many” network can deliver the same message simultaneously to any number of sites or deliver content that is targeted to specific locations.
Many information networks transfer information in such forms as text, sound, image, video, software, or combinations. Each line in the figure above delivers the appropriate content to each location. This content would be the same for each location in a broadcast network.
The origination point transmits precisely the same information so all can receive it in real-time.
Less Flexibility
Users must either be present at remote sites at the time of the broadcast, or have recording systems that permit later viewing.

If you need to transmit different content to different locations at different times, you'll want to use a "content distribution" network (CDN). The previous diagram still applies, but each stream of information can be unique.

  • Distribute different content to different locations.
  • May allow remote users to request the delivery of particular information when needed.
Many requirements:
  • Technology and processes to originate and target the content are needed.
  • Receiving points must be able to:
    • Store content
    • Verify deliver back to headquarters
    • Present content to users at the right time
Each added requirement impacts the configuration of the network, so the more we know about the purpose and specific content ahead of time, the better a satellite network can be configured for use.

Through our fleet of satellites and exceptional level of customer care, JSAT International makes it easy to communicate and transmit content across North America.