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Satellite Manufacturers

A painstaking process where perfection is the standard.

A satellite manufacturer is contracted by the satellite operator to build a satellite. The satellite manufacturer is a perfectionist who only gets one chance to get his product right. After launch, the satellite resides in an unimaginably harsh operating environment with no opportunity for repairs. And itís expected to work 24/7/365 for its whole life-typically 15 years.

To meet these challenges, the satellite:
  • Requires 2-3 years for design and construction through a highly technical process.
  • Is created in a very clean environment.
  • Has every major element individually tested as well as the satellite as a whole.
  • Includes built in redundant systems to assure reliability.
The manufacturerís responsibilities in satellite construction are:
  • Engineering, designing and testing the satellite according to the satellite operatorís specifications and other contract requirements to assure proper operation.
  • Contracting for and procuring the needed components for building the satellite.
  • Managing the construction of the satellite, building it to the exacting standards and specifications required for a product that needs to withstand the harsh environment of space (as well as the impact of being thrust into orbit by a rocket).
  • Delivering the satellite to the launch provider in preparation for its launch into the prescribed transfer orbit.
  • Placing the satellite in geostationary orbit at its prescribed longitude position.
Leading satellite manufacturers:

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