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Who Are the Players in Satellite Communications?

Meet the team behind the successful transmission of your content. 

The successful transmission of your content depends on a suite of specialized services within the satellite industry, with each playing a vital role. The number may surprise you if DISH or DirecTV is all that comes to mind when you think of satellite communications:

Specialists who help you get the most of the satelliteís capabilities.

The varied roles and relationships of companies within the satellite industry are often confusing to those new to satellite communications. Understanding who the players are and how they interoperate makes you a smarter manager and consumer of satellite services. Youíll appreciate knowing just how far satellite services go beyond DTH television when itís your content being delivered.

While getting to know the functions of the different players, youíll also be introduced to:

  • The business side of satellite communications.
  • What goes in to building a satellite.
  • Getting a satellite into orbit.
  • People who facilitate content transmission.
  • Maximizing your benefit while minimizing your expense.
  • More information resources.

Through our fleet of satellites and exceptional level of customer care, JSAT International makes it easy to communicate and transmit content across North America.